Essex Golf and Country Clubhouse

Dress Code Policy

A dress code is essential to preserve the tradition of attire relating to golf and social functions at Essex Golf & Country Club. Each member and his/her guests are obligated to conform to a dress code so all can be assured of a dignified atmosphere to entertain ourselves, our families and our guests. The Club staff has authority granted by the Board of Directors to refuse golfing or clubhouse privileges to those not properly attired.



Appropriate attire, in good repair is expected for all areas of the clubhouse and patio. In general, the attire for golf is the minimum requirement to be worn. Denim wear is also acceptable attire in the Clubhouse and on the patio but must be in good repair, without any rips, tears, frayed ends or holes and must be appropriately worn. Dress sandals in good repair are permitted in all areas of the clubhouse and patio. These rules are applicable to all members, children and guests. Members are responsible for communicating the dress code to their guests.


Proper golf attire
Collared shirts, turtlenecks, mock necks, crew necks
Shirts tucked in unless designed to be worn out
Tailored trousers or Bermuda length shorts no shorter than mid thigh length and not below the knee.


Proper golf attire
Dresses, suits, skirts of respectable length
Tailored slacks or capris

NO T-shirts, cargo shorts or pants, jeans, sweat wear, cutoffs, sport team clothing or bare midriffs are allowed. Caps or visors are only allowed in men’s and women’s lounge and/or locker room.


Jacket and tie are required for some events in the Ballroom and Great Hall. From time to time, jacket and tie may be required for brunch, lunch and/or dinner in other areas of the Clubhouse. Proper dress code for any event will be posted in the Clubhouse, on the website as well as in the newsletter.

GENTLEMEN: Collared shirt, tie and jacket for males 12 years and over
WOMEN: Dresses, suits, skirts, dress slacks


In general, the minimum dress requirements as defined above under the heading Clubhouse Dress Code must be met al all times. For those occasions where a higher standard of dress is required appropriate communication will precede the event.


The following is the acceptable dress attire for men and women playing golf at Essex Golf & Country Club. Proper attire in good repair must be worn by all members and guests who are using the golf course, driving range or dining in the clubhouse.


Collared shirts, mock neck and turtleneck shirts (shirts must be tucked in at all times)
Tailored trousers
Tailored Bermuda length shorts no shorter than mid thigh length and cannot be below the knee
Soft spike golf shoes 


Collared shirts without sleeves
Collarless shirts with sleeves
Tailored slacks or capris
Tailored shorts, skorts, skirts and golf dresses
**The Length of the skirt/skort/shorts MUST be long enough to not see the bottom area (even if covered by undershorts) at any time.
Leggings - A Player must also be wearing a skort, skirt, or shorts when wearing leggings - per the LPGA rules.
Soft spike golf shoes


NO golf sandals, cargo shorts or pants, tank tops, jeans, denim, sweat wear, cutoffs, or sport team clothing are allowed. Soft spikes are required. Golf hats are not to be worn backwards.


Swim wear should be appropriate and in keeping with the family atmosphere at the pool.
Cover ups must be worn outside the pool area
Use locker room entrances if entering the Clubhouse locker rooms
Denim in good taste can be worn at the pool area
NO thong suits